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How to Generate Some cash with Cake Decorating Moulds.

You are now able to use the wide range of food grade silicone moulds available and make cake decorating a lucrative home run business.

Make a commitment by putting something on paper. A business plan of what you wish to create, is necessary, in that it will give you a more clear idea of what lies ahead.

You may be in full time work, desiring a second income stream, by working part-time perhaps on weekends.? Alternatively the reason you are considering starting a cake decorating business, might be to make a little money, while staying at home with the children, setting your own hours, be your own boss and of course save cash and time by not being forced to commute.

It may all seem like a lot of fun, but you must still be professional and budget for 1st costs. To mass produce cakes for a potential growing list of consumers you'll need such items as, an industrial strength mixer, mixing bowls, food colouring, a huge oven, spatulas, flavours and icing tips at a minimum.

The distressing fact of business life is that, you've got to spend cash to make money.

Niche Marketing .

It makes little sense to go head to head, competing against mass cake producers. Concentrate on a specific niche of the cake decorating market. The enormous firms cannot offer the diversified service that you as a tiny and flexible entrepreneur could offer.

People like to feel special and if you need to offer something different and unique, from the beat old designs on view, at your local supermarket or cake shop. By using the new silicone moulds cakes are getting more creative all the time and the only real limit is your inspiration.

Third dimensional moulds are making increasingly dramatic cake decorating effects achievable. Wrap around moulds produce 3D designs and figures that may be cut to combine with other designs. Cakes themselves are assuming 3D shapes with pillow, animal and cartoon cakes appearing?

New silicone food grade putty enables the cake decorator to design and make a mold in seconds, for special one off customized effects.

What about a personalized cup cake for every individual guest, or a special design incorporated in the primary cake and reproduced on the individual cup-cakes. The concepts are limitless. Put on your thinking cap!

Folk not only are looking for custom, imaginatively decorated cakes, but are also prepared to pay decent money for them. Costs up to $500.00 aren't uncommon, for professionally produced wedding cakes.

What are the advantages of being a pro cake-decorator?

As soon as you receive payment for your first decorated cake, you are entitled to call yourself a professional. If you already bake cakes, you have the majority of the equipment to start up a business from your very own kitchen.

Don’t wait any longer, it is the time to turn your ideas into exact practice and become a pro cake decorator. Cake decorating gives you the chance to not only work with your hands but experience plenty of your other 5 senses, from the gorgeous hint of baking, the making of new? designs, the flavor of topping ? flavours, to the delicate art of piping. You have it all with cake decorating.

Stan Alderson owns of My Second Income and has been assisting small businesses to become established for over 25 years. For some more info on cake decorating click here.


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